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Although Perdue presided over a significant transition to overseas labor, Haggar had taken some steps toward outsourcing production before he arrived. After an earlier round of factory closings in Texas, then CEO Joe Haggar III told The Daily News Record in 1992 that the company’s plan was to maintain a “50 50 mix” of American and overseas production. By the time the Robstown plant closed in 1995, the company’s new target was to make 15% of its products in the United States.

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Currently, LG, and soon Panasonic, manufactures OLED sets. Prices run $6000 to $10,000.720p: Resolution determines sharpness, and the higher the number, the better the picture. This signal format displays at 1280×720 pixels, or 720 horizontal lines on the screen.

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And these are the brands that are honest about what they are doing. Some, like Prada, claim not to outsource manufacturing but close inspection of certain Prada products reveals cleverly hidden in China labels. Burberry downplays the extent of its outsourcing, as does Ralph Lauren.

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